5 Web Design Tools to Speed up site design Process


If you want your online business to get the success, you need websites or apps to reach your customers. There are many web design tools and services available on the market. You can pick services or tools that suitable for you based on your project.
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That web design tools are helpful for both website owners and freelance designers. The website owners need a better tool for sharing the front end design ideas to developers, and also freelance designers needs tools that show their prototype to clients in the best way. These apps are helpful to speed up the process of the web design process.


These are the different types of tools available that vary from basic to advanced level of difficulty. In the basic level, they provide some features like sketch the design and create style ideas for projects. In the advanced options, they offer options to add animations and interactive features to their prototype.

Some tools provide options to export your prototype to some of the real devices to see the live performance of the prototype.

Many web design tools provide a collaborative feature to their apps. Helps to share your ideas with your team members without leaving from your designing app.


This collection of tools will improve your web design process. It makes you more comfortable to face new projects efficiently.


10 Web Design Tools for 2016

Here I will list top 10 web designing tools that will help your design process and also this will reduce time to get better results from your head.

The list of web designing apps given below.


Atomic is the top web design tool you can build your design on your web browser, on both PCs and Macs. This tool is used for show your design or prototype to your clients. As a website, owner you need best mockup tools that help you draw the outline of your project.

Atomic Pull out Photoshop and Sketch designs to a blank canvas. You can add interactive elements to that design and share with your team members for feedback.

Pricing start From $15/Month


Avocode is another tool that helpful for front end designers. Avocode allows you to export Photoshop and sketch designs into the software. If you want to build front end design with easy methods, you can choose Avocode for your projects.

Pricing starts from $8.99/Month

Apple Watch Kit

If you design your clients prototype site for Apple watch kit. The client is happy to see their project. You can upsell your products to your customers using this method.

Pricing: Free


The Form is an excellent prototyping tool for site designers. The Form recently joined in Google team. You can use this tool to create interactive designs and animations for your prototype. This tool displays your prototype to different devices.

Pricing: Free


You can use this software for branding and style purposes. This tool is the excellent collaborative tool you and your team share your thoughts about your project using this software.

Frontify also has prototyping tool and that tool name is Workspace. This tool can be used to create a separate workspace for to share teams designs, add comments, approve changes and give presentations for your prototype design.

Pricing: Free


Macaw is the free app it looks like photoshop software. You can build prototypes, wireframes and mockups using this tool with the fastest way.

This tool works like drag and drops website builder. You can not use this code for Wordpress platform. You can build any front-end site using this software.

Pricing Free


These above five helpful web design tools useful for designers and website owners for creating a prototype of the project. Therefore, try to create prototype whenever you need using the above tools. This will reduce your web designing time and way of drawing of the project.

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